Get ready for Tales of Symphonia!! / Donation Info

EDIT: We start at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

The donation widget is at the very bottom of this page, and the main page is:

The stream will be live by 7, tune in here:

First of all, I’d like to thank anyone reading this for the tremendous amount of support we’ve received on twitter (550 followers and counting!) and also on Facebook to a lesser extent.  Speaking of Facebook, I have finally linked our Facebook account to our Twitter, so if you use Facebook more often please go like our page (called Tales of Charity, obviously) to see our Tales quotes and updates.  Hell, go like it anyway!

Secondly, I’d like to give a little bit of an update and explain what we do to everyone who didn’t catch our last event.  We will be playing the game Tales of Symphonia on Mania difficulty for the entire weekend, Jan. 18-20.  Because it’s also Martin Luther King Jr. day that following Monday, we have extra time to play with, but I see us wrapping up on Sunday.  We will start at 7pm EST (the time zone New York City is in) on Friday night.  We will be livestreaming our gameplay and a video feed of what we’re doing via webcam.  The feed will be up on  Last time, we had a lot of fun interacting with the audience via the instant messaging sidebar on the ustream site, and we are going to encourage that even more this time!  We had some good discussions about Tales, other game series, and anime and manga on our last go around, including tips that were helpful to us in our playthru.  What we do in the game this time around will also be greatly influenced by the audience, but I’ll explain that at a later date.  We have some other plans in the works, but my lips are sealed until everything is final or until the event starts.  If you have any ideas for interactive things we could do with the audience, or donation incentives, or have any questions or concerns, shoot us a Twitter message, Facebook message, or email me at

Finally, I want to address the issue of donations.  We donate all proceeds to Child’s Play Charity.  They are very popular in collecting donations from gaming events and do a fantastic job.  They donate video games and toys to children in hospitals.  The kids can enjoy themselves and have some fun while staying at the hospital, whether they have temporary or permanent conditions.  You can learn all about them on their website, . The only way you can donate to them through our event is via paypal.  The money is sent directly to Child’s Play; we don’t handle any of it.  I have set up the donation widget, which is viewable at the bottom of this screen.  Technically you can donate now, although we ask you to please wait until the event.  If you are unable to tune into the event, you should still be able to donate on Monday (Jan. 21), possibly into Tuesday.  Also, I will be posting links on our social networking sites so that the donation page is easily accessible from all of our pages.  We will also soon be on the event calendar on the Child’s Play website, and I will definitely tweet about it when it happens.

Thank you all, and we hope to see you in January! More updates to come!

-Pete, and the rest of the ToC Crew, Steve, Alex, and Jordan

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